COMING SOON: Taking A New Path

We’ve tried this podcast several times. It was ever only for fun, to spend time together and to get our feet under us in a world determined to knock folks down. Each time we produced Life Is Like Fiction, we experienced a measure of success. Each time the show expanded and caught the attention of people we never thought would be interested.

With the launch of Substack, we now have the tools available to do this again, the right way. Exclusively through this platform, with all the bells and whistles.

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Because you’re smart, that’s why. Subscribers get to look at this bat-crap crazy world through a new filter. It’s a humble patient loving nice sarcastic filter, but it’s still funny as hell. That’s what you get with this father/son team, using their self-hosted life therapy sessions to entertain.

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Be part of a community of strong-willed people who share your interests…and those who are probably fed up with everyone else’s interests. To be clear — this is not a ‘safe place’, cupcake. You have to stand on your own feet and take responsibility for your own choices.

Not everyone will agree with your views (or ours).

That’s okay — this is Life. It’s crazy, confusing much of the time, and no one has all the answers. We are two guys looking for the truth, and willing to dig through that pile of horseshit to find the pony.

Wish us luck.

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